A Brief History of the Modern Strawberry | Animation

A Brief History of the Modern Strawberry

Ever wonder why strawberries are served in cereal? How about on ice cream? Or with Cool Whip? This short stop-motion animation explains how clever advertising tactics and special pesticides made the juicy red strawberry cheaply and widely available.

For me, this video was an experiment in stop motion animation. I designed and built each set and filmed with fresh strawberries during the entire production. Arthur Jones’s illustrations elevates the humor in the story and Jason Kick’s original score drives the cute, yet serious subject matter home. We even got one of my favorite podcast hosts, Roman Mars of 99% Invisible to narrate it!

Directed, produced, animated and edited by Ariane Wu
Illustration and After Effects post production by Arthur Jones
Music by Jason Kick
Sound mix by Christopher Galipo
Based on reporting by Kendall Taggart, Bernice Yeung, Andrew Donohue

The film was produced as part of a larger investigative story, Dark Side of the Strawberry

Regional Emmy Award, winner
Edward R. Murrow Regional Award, winner
Best of the West Video Storytelling Award, Third Place
Innovation in Investigative Journalism Award, Online News Association, Winner

The Guardian US
The Huffington Post
Good Magazine
99% Invisible Tumblr
Visual.ly staff pick
Earth Justice

Medium Magazine’s The Best Online Storytelling and Journalism of 2014
Monterey Herald