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A View from the Inside

In the 1970s, Yusuf Bey opened Your Black Muslim Bakery which became the headquarters for his self-styled black Muslim empire in Oakland. To outsiders, the bakery was heralded as a model of African American economic self-sufficiency, giving spiritual counsel to ex-convicts and helping provide jobs and housing for those in need. Later however, it was revealed that it was linked to widespread physical and sexual abuse, intimidation, welfare fraud and murder.

Bey was charged with 27 counts for allegedly raping four girls, all under the age of 14 at the time of the alleged incidents. This short film is of the woman whose anonymous court testimony exposed and brought him down. It is the first time she has revealed her identity.

Read the article by Louise Rafkin

Produced, edited and additional footage by Ariane Wu
Reporter by Louise Rafkin
Interview filmed by Adithya Sambamurthy

San Francisco Chronicle